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Lab Work Analysis at Dr. Nanette Chiropractic, PLLC

Discovering the underlying cause of your health issues can take some detective work. At the practice, we use blood work analysis and interpretation to identify the root cause of problems to develop a personalized supplementation program to help you heal and experience a new level of vitality.

A Magical Journey

Since 1996, Dr. Nanette has been discovering and integrating her knowledge and skills into a program of care that helps patients unlock the secrets to health and vitality. Lab evaluations are one gateway to a magical journey to authenticity and greater mental and physical health—for life.

Looking for Patterns

By identifying certain patterns in bloodwork, we can use that information to identify the stressors on the body and which organs are stressed and might need more support. Our four-month and six-month programs include our boutique approach and compassionate hand-holding to guide you on this journey. We’ll repeat the bloodwork at the end of your program so you can objectively see the changes in your health.

Optimizing Health

We begin with a consultation, where Dr. Nanette creates a safe and sacred space for you to share your health history and concerns. She’ll give you a referral for blood work through Virtual Labs. Once the blood work is done, it takes about two weeks to get the results. At that point, you’ll meet with Dr. Nanette again to review the results and start developing a strategy to regain your health.

Some of the common conditions we help with include:

  • Hidden pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, viruses and/or fungus
  • Blood stabilization issues
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Leaky gut
  • Inflammation
  • Iron deficiency
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid issues
  • Adrenal stress and exhaustion
  • Many more

A Comprehensive Approach

Based on your specific situation, Dr. Nanette will create a program tailored to your needs—there is no cookie-cutter approach here! She may recommend chiropractic care, specific supplements, nutrition changes and/or life coaching to help guide you to your optimal state of wellness. Your body’s innate wisdom will be heard and understood.

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