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The Seeker’s Code at Dr. Nanette Chiropractic, PLLC

Now, more than anytime in my 53 years of life, the world needs unity. Unity begins with the awareness that we are all interconnected. We are able to access this and feel beyond ourselves when we are truly authentic and in our true nature. Why are you here? What are your innate gifts? Can you access them? Are you able to experience the positive emotions of love, joy, tenacity, fearlessness? Do you want to impact humanity in a much bigger way and play a bigger game? The time is NOW to start living a more meaningful, fulfilling, effortless and joy filled life for yourself and others. Join me and I will help you find your light so you can shine it brightly and light up others along the way.

“The Seeker’s Code – Your Access to the Unreasonable and Extraordinary” by Donny Epstein is required reading as a patient of Dr. Nanette. Below are excerpts from this life changing book…

Are You a Seeker?

Do you have a hunger, a calling for MORE? Do you know that there’s MORE to life and you want to have more, be more, share more? When you are a Seeker, your hunger is for more than just personal satisfaction. You have a calling for a greater humanity, a greater human experience. You feel the pull to go beyond yourself and a hunger to illuminate and help evolve the human experience to a higher level. Staying the same will never do for a Seeker. Seekers want to access the unreasonable and extraordinary, and they can do so by accessing Creation’s Codes.

Creation’s Codes are the self organizing principles or invisible forces via the organizing intelligence that allow for the manifestation of everything in the universe. The key to accessing Creation Codes is to access more energy. With enough energy to fuel your self organizing wisdom, Creation’s Codes can immediately transform the organization of your body, mind, thoughts, beliefs, roles, sense of self and relationships to improve your intimacy levels, business, finances, and your collaboration with all of humanity. Gain greater mastery of your energetic nature and access to the invisible Divine forces that direct your life and your experience of reality. Discover your personal recipe for using your energy to access the forces of creation.

Chiropractic is based on the principle that there is an organizing intelligence in all of life that is transmitted through the nervous system. When there is an alteration in the tension between the brain and the body, like a violin string that is stretched, it alters the vibration and the music it plays. Creation’s Codes communicate through the nervous system’s vibrational sharing of information. With a distorted energy and information system, the orchestration of life is modified. Therefore less of this intelligence can be personified and less energy is available to manifest the organizing wisdom. The nervous system links our body and field to create our experience of reality. Just energizing Creation’s Code’s and the organizing wisdom of life is now available!

If you are a Seeker, the following codes will definitely resonate with you. Seeker’s Codes are a spiritual knowing, a calling for you that you may have forgotten, repressed or denied. The recitation of these 7 declarations reunite us with a real and mystical force and reminds us of what we must call “Home.”

Seeker’s Codes:

  • We know there is so much more to life than what appears as physical reality or circumstance.
  • We have an obsession to go beyond who we have been.
  • We seek a richer, more magical and extraordinary experience for ourselves/and others.
  • We want to give, get. learn and live with a bigger purpose/inspiring profound impact.
  • We wish to access the multidimensional energetics that magically create and connect us all.
  • We recognize the power of focused attention and energy/and conscious choice.
  • We honor and celebrate the sacred nature of life and wish to spread its magic.

Do you want to start living the Seeker’s Codes and put them into action? Do you want to merge the masculine and feminine forces of creation? Turn your life and destiny around and seek so much MORE and more than just for yourself!

How would you like the ordinary you to be unreasonably energized and impactful? I am here to inspire you and help you access your MORE for yourself and others so we can impact humanity in a much larger way! Imagine that you can help more of humanity be awakened to the sacred and majestic nature of authentic energized conscious living!

This book offers real answers, profound understandings, experiences and tools to manifest so much MORE of what/who you truly are!

The Seeker’s Code: Your Access to the Unreasonable and Extraordinary: Epstein, Donny: 9781544544779: Books


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